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Elementary Curriculum and Instruction

Elementary Spanish

Our Foreign Language at the Elementary School program (FLES) offers all of our students in grades K-5 a wonderful opportunity to begin their second language experience.  Our program focuses not only on conversational language but also on writing. Our students have a unique opportunity to learn a second language through an exposure approach.  The skills and knowledge gained at the elementary level set students up to be more successful at the middle and high school level where they can choose to pursue more intensive world languages instruction.

FLES instruction is delivered as one of the students “special area” classes.  Students learn through song, play, multi-media, and other avenues.  They receive instruction one period per six-day cycle.  The goal of instruction at this level is not mastery, but a thirst for more as they reach the middle school.

Learning a foreign language is a great way to expand your knowledge and appreciation of a new culture, society and landscape. Students who learn another language often acquire better communication skills, both written and oral in their primary language. Therefore, learning a second language can help you develop better communication skills in your first language as well!

Languages are the main part of culture and each country, therefore the importance of learning a second language can make it relatively easy and wonderful way of absorbing another culture. One very important part of our curriculum is learning about other cultures.  Learning a second language can not only challenge your mind and fulfill your soul, but it will also allow you to meet and speak with a variety of people, locally and worldwide and develop your knowledge, skills, understanding, acceptance and love for the human race.