Long Beach Middle School

239 Lido Boulevard, Lido Beach, NY 11561
Principal:  Paul Romanelli
Vice Principals: Keith Biesma
  John Emmons
Principal: (516) 897-2162
Vice Principals: (516) 897-2164
Main Office: (516) 897-2166   
Deans' Office: (516) 897-2154
Attendance: (516) 897-2155
Guidance: (516) 897-2167
Nurse: (516) 897-2150
Hours: 7:55 a.m. - 2:50 p.m.

Grade 6 -> 7 Transition Night Presentation

Course Catalog Grade 7

Grade 7 -> 8 Transition Night Presentation

Course Catalog Grade 8


Parent Teacher Conferences Information
Letter and Instructions (English) (Spanish)
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Parent Teacher Conferences (M-Z)
Rescheduled for Tuesday 1/26

The Parent Teacher Conferences originally scheduled for Wednesday January 13th will be rescheduled for Tuesday, January 26th. The time of the event will still be from 6PM-9PM and we will be following the same appointment schedules that have already been created. You will still be able to access your appointments online. In addition, we will have clerical staff in the Main Office that night to print a copy of your schedule for you if you are unable to access the information.

As this is a make-up date, some teachers may have prior obligations on this evening. If that is the case - the teacher will leave information for you and will be available to discuss progress via email, phone or a mutually convenient meeting time during the school day.

If you are unable to attend on this new date, please contact us and we will facilitate making alternate arrangements with your child's teachers.

Thank you in advance for your understanding! We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, January 26th.

Paul Romanelli
Long Beach Middle School



EpiPen Recall

Hello Parents,

There has been a recall on a specific type of "EpiPen". Our school nurse has looked through our supply at school and has contacted any families that have provided us with an "EpiPen" that has been recalled. Please see the message and link below from the company:

Sanofi US is voluntarily recalling all Auvi‑Q® (epinephrine injection, USP). The recall involves all Auvi‑Q currently on the market and includes both the 0.15 mg and 0.3 mg strengths for hospitals, retailers and consumers. This includes lot number 2299596 through 3037230, which expire March 2016 through December 2016. The products have been found to potentially have inaccurate dosage delivery.


Middle Year Program Exploration - Click here to view the MYP in Action Video

Long Beach Middle School is sixth through eighth grade setting in which we promote the social, emotional and intellectual growth of our students. Our focus is to provide a school setting that is responsive to their educational and developmental needs. We offer a rich array of extra-curricular activities. Check our calendar, club and athletics pages for details.
Our school has an interdisciplinary approach. Teaming is the hallmark of middle level education. The teams are comprised of four core subject area teachers (English, Science, Social Studies, and Math.) These four teachers share a common group of students. Each group of teachers has a common planning time to meet every day to discuss students, curriculum, assessment and projects. They have time set aside in the schedule for conferencing with guidance counselors and meeting with parents.



LB Middle School PTA IB Presentation

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