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LBMS Prepares for National History Day Competition

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Long Beach seventh graders are again participating in the NYS National History Day contests. In late January, the entire grade showcased work based on this year’s theme of “Turning Points in History” as part of the first of four levels of the competition.

The students extensively researched historical figures and events of their choice and presented key facts and findings in various forms. Over the course of several months, students explored their topics and created projects ranging from display boards to documentaries, from websites to stage performances. All incorporated supporting thesis statements. Through the process, students developed skills in communication, project management, and historical thinking.

The following students were selected to compete at the regional competition at Hofstra University later in March

Individual Exhibits included:

Elora Gerantabee, Project: Stonewall Riot
Kylie Gorman, Project: Title IX
Mclayne Murphy, Project: Jackie Robinson

Group Exhibits included:

Leah Schade, Ava Shammas, Isabella Amaya, Project: Schindler
Leia Sacks, Sofia Salamone, Project: Womens Jobs WW2
Kingsley Paz, Reilly LaFerlita, Project: Horror Movie

Individual Paper included:

Mirella Myron, Project: Belfast Agreement
Individual Website included:
Lucas Kubler, Project: Labanan Sa Mactan (Battle of Mactan)

Individual Documentary included:

Maven Aull, Project: Open Sesame: How Sesame Street Opened Learning for All

Group Documentary included:

Katherine O’Brien, Chloe Pennant, Project: Ruby Bridges

National History Day (NHD) is a nonprofit organization that creates opportunities for teachers and students to engage in historical research. NHD is an innovative curriculum framework. Students learn history by selecting topics of interest and launching into year-long research projects. The mission of NHD is to improve the teaching and learning of history in middle and high school. The most visible vehicle is the NHD Contest. Winners of the NYS History Day Contest will be announced in May.

The district extends congratulations to all and wishes the best of luck at the next level of competition.

Date Added: 2/14/2024