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Social Studies

The purpose of the Social Studies program at Long Beach is to create educated young adults who can make informed decisions as active participants in an ever changing world. The K-12 Social Studies curriculum is designed as a sequential learning process which allows students to draw on previously learned material in all subject areas and their own knowledge and experiences to make connections to new and challenging material.

Teaching and learning in Social Studies is student-centered, where students take an active role in their education.  Although studying important content, heavy emphasis is also placed on developing the skills and traits that make us all successful.  

As our students graduate, regardless of the specific Social Studies courses taken, we are confident that they will be well prepared for their future.  We send them out into the world as representatives of Long Beach to continue with their roles as active citizens and their lifelong pursuit of learning.

Follow the link on the left to your child’s grade and learn about the curriculum for that grade level.

Long Beach Public School proudly offers our students the opportunity to pursue the Seal of Civic Readiness. The intent of the NYS Seal of Civic Readiness is to encourage the study of civics and civility through experiential learning; certify attainment of civic readiness; provide employers with a method of identifying high school graduates with skills in civics and civility; provide universities with an additional method to recognize applicants seeking admission; prepare students with twenty-first century skills; recognize the value of K-12 Social Studies education in schools as a means to build civic knowledge; empower students as agents of positive social change to redress historical and contemporary oppression and strengthen our diverse democracy. The NYS Seal of Civic Readiness shall be awarded to students who meet the criteria of this subdivision and complete all criteria prescribed by the Commissioner at a New York State high school approved by the commissioner to offer the NYS Seal of Civic Readiness.