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Ancient Egypt Comes to Long Beach Middle School

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Each year sixth grade students at Long Beach Middle School traveled back in time to explore Ancient Egypt. On Dec. 21, they displayed an assortment of projects as the culmination of their social studies unit on early river valley civilizations with an “Egypt Exhibit” in the school’s library. Students developed informative and visual works that portrayed aspects of Ancient Egypt while also incorporating other subject areas.

For example, Mr. Gallopini’s students learned how to “mummify” apples, how papyrus is made and used it to write informative texts about the gods and goddesses. Mrs. Buffalino’s students wrote books about famous pharaohs and made architectural structures using a variety of materials. All sixth-grade students wrote poetry about life on the Nile River. The students constructed three-dimensional models of the pyramids, afterlife artifacts, canopic jars, sarcophagus, and more. This year, the Humanities Extension classes made large black and white murals with images of Ancient Egypt and their own black out poetry. And finally, Mr. Vasikauskas made a comeback appearance as he took the students on a virtual tour of Ancient Egypt.

All sixth-grade classes had opportunities to tour the exhibit and view their peers’ work.

Date Added: 12/22/2023