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LBMS Black History Month Celebration Assembly

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Long Beach Middle School hosted a Black History Month Celebration Assembly for all grade levels on March 1. Staff members who coordinated and participated in the event included Mrs. Espinet, Mrs. Nurse, Mr. Biesma, Mr. Capobianco, Mrs. Farrell, Mr. Kramme, Mr. Lobenstein, Mr. Marks, Ms. Pichichero, Mr. Neri, Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Salerno, Ms. Teemer, Mr. Vasikauskas, and special guests Mr. Myles and the Nehemiah Movement. The event featured student and staff performances by Sam Monaghan in The Sammys Rock Ensemble, LBMS Singers, LBMS Jazz Ensemble, and the LBMS Cheer Club. Special thanks to all who participated! It was a beautiful celebration!

Date Added: 3/22/2024