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Pupil Personnel Services

Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction is a service provided to students who are unable to attend school in excess of 10 days due to a temporary physical, mental, or emotional injury or illness, or for reasons related to discipline. Homebound instruction is established to alleviate concerns over academic work/credit, to maintain the skills necessary for returning to the classroom, and to assure ongoing home/school contact during the term of the absence. It is provided to minimize the impact of the student's absence and is not meant to replace the instruction a student receives in the school setting.

A parent/guardian must complete the Application for General Education Homebound Educational Services: Parts I & II, which requires information, consent for release of records, and written medical verification from a New York State licensed treating healthcare provider (i.e., physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, or legally directed services) demonstrating the student's anticipated inability to attend school in person for at least ten days during the next three months. According to Part 100.22 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, the district shall forward the request to the school's medical director, who may contact the student's treating healthcare provider to obtain additional information necessary regarding the student's health or mental health. The district reserves the right to request additional documentation at any time a student is on homebound instruction. The application and consent must be submitted to the building nurse. Should a student need alternative instruction on an interim basis as decided by the CSE, disciplinary hearing, or as mutually agreed upon between the parents and the district, the appropriate party will complete the Homebound Instruction Request form and submit it to the building designee.

  • Application for General Education Homebound Educational Services Part I & II (English) (Spanish)