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Terms and Definitions

Wordsmyth – Beginner as well as full dictionary 

Lexipedia – Dictionary – Where words have meaning


Test Prep and Regents Review

New York State Regents Reference Tables – Reference Tables for Earth Science, Physics and Chemistry 

Castle Learning – Internet-based review tool for all classes – use your district login to create review sessions for yourself 

Top Earth Science Regents Review Links – Earth Science Regents Review Links 

Living Environment Regents Review – LE Regents Review Links 

Chemistry Regents Review – Chemistry Regents Review Links 

Physics Regents Review – Physics Regents Review Links


Fun and Interesting Science Sites

Try Science – Online experiments, field trips, and adventures.  The site provides resources for teacher, student, and parent science activities.  

Science Friday – National Public Radio – Science Friday Radio program to discuss science current events. 

Windows to the Universe – Animations, images, news and information regarding the earth and space sciences. 

The pH Factor – An activity based website designed to help students learn about pH, acids and bases. 

Earthquake Information – The USGS Earthquake Hazards Program page provides details on earthquakes including the most recent events, hazards, and information regarding the preparation for an earthquake. 

Microbe Zoo – The Microbe Zoo site helps students learn the many hidden worlds of microscopic organisms 

Envirolink – A non-profit organization providing information on a variety of environmental topics 

Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology – This site includes information on the Earth, the Solar System, Stars and Galaxies, and a wide variety of information on current astronomical phenomena. 

Invention Dimension – This website celebrates inventors and their inventions – includes: inventor of the week, and games and trivia 

The Discovery Channel – News, features, videos, and games from The Discovery Channel 

Exploratorium – Museum of science, art, and human perception 

NASA – NASA information, including NASA kids 

The Bug Club – The Amateur Entomologists' Society Bug Club – See the Fun and Games section 

Help Your Child Learn Science -  Activities and experiments for parents to do with their children sponsored by the US Department of Education. 

Chem-4-Kids – A beginner's look into chemistry and the periodic table of elements – This site provides basic information on all aspects of chemistry 

Scientific American – Interviews, experts and reporting on all aspects of the scientific world