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Lindell Elementary School

School Hours


School Begins at 9:00 AM

Students will be marked late if they arrive after 9:15 AM.


Time Schedules

Breakfast/Morning Routine
9:00AM -9:15 AM
Period 1
9:20AM-10:02 AM
Period 2
10:04AM-10:46 AM
Period 3
10:48AM-11:30 AM
Period 4
11:32AM-12:14 PM
Period 5 12:24PM-1:06 PM
Period 6
1:08PM-1:50 PM
Period 7
1:52PM-2:34 PM
Period 8 2:36PM-3:18 PM

Dismissal begins at 3:20 PM.  We will begin boarding the buses at this time.  Buses will leave from the school at 3:30 PM