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International Dot Day Inspires Creativity, Courage and Collaboration in LB

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The Long Beach Public Schools’ elementary buildings participated in a global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration on Sept. 15 when they observed International Dot Day. This movement is inspired by the book “The Dot,” by Peter H. Reynolds, which illustrates people’s power to make their marks on the world.

Throughout the schools, classes read and discussed “The Dot” and other books related to the theme. Students participated in Dot Day declarations, artwork and other activities, and many incorporated dots into their attire as well.

Students at Lindell shared their reflections during their morning announcements. “I make my mark by being kind,” “I make my mark by being creative” and “I make my mark by being different” are some of the thoughts they expressed.

East, Lido and West students showcased their abilities to make their marks through illustrations and paper dots, and West students additionally demonstrated the day’s message by raising funds for those impacted by Hurricane Ida.

Staying Well at Lindell

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Long Beach’s Lindell Elementary School continued its Annual February Wellness/Fun, Fruit, Fitness Day tradition with adjustments in light of the pandemic. On Feb. 12, students and staff members celebrated the theme “Lindell Chooses Love, Health and Happiness” with a day of virtual sessions focused on physical activity, mindfulness, nutrition and safety.

This year, rather than rotating across different areas in the building as was done in the past, students enjoyed a full schedule of workshops from their own classrooms. Many presenters were live streamed while others previously recorded activities and lessons for participants. As in years past, members of the community and staff contributed their expertise in a variety of wellness areas. Among them were nutritionists, yoga and dance instructors, physical therapists, doctors and fitness professionals.

To kick off the day, the whole school learned a dance choreographed by physical education teachers Mary Miller and Rachel Ray, along with teaching assistant and former Lindell student Tiffany Canner. A series of 25-minute sessions about health and wellness followed. Special thanks to teachers Kelly Mooney and Lindsay Smith, the custodial staff and all the other faculty and staff members who volunteered their time and helped this event run smoothly.

Students learned techniques to ensure proper hydration, nutrition, dental hygiene, bus and community safety, heart health and breathing. They practiced yoga moves and Irish Dance, engaged in a Drums Alive activity, competed in a jump-a-thon, took on a scavenger hunt challenge and much more. Social Emotional Learning was also incorporated into the theme with a kindness lesson, which was read aloud, and mindfulness strategies.

In addition, the PTA generously donated individually wrapped apples and the supplies for each student to create their own calming jars. The Wellness Fair concluded with a school wide virtual dance party.

Students Create Tributes to Martin Luther King Jr.

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Students in the Long Beach Public Schools earned recognition for their entries in a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Poster and Essay Contest sponsored by the City of Long Beach. Students learned about Dr. King’s contributions and impact, then conveyed their own messages about his legacy through art and writing.

The contest was open to all students from elementary through high school and asked them to incorporate the theme of “Unity, Service and Collaboration During the Pandemic” into their work.

Poster winners are Long Beach Middle School student Sydney Brandt, Lindell School students Kaitlyn Dambrose and Maximo Vitolo and West School students Erica Addey and Blaise DeNicola. Their pieces are titled “Emancipation,” “Teamwork,” “We Will Make It Through,” “Let Freedom Ring” and “Love Beats Hate,” respectively.

The district’s essay contest winners are Lily Eustate of Long Beach High School and Bianca Leible from West, along with a Long Beach Catholic Regional School student.

STEM Explorers at Lindell

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Students at Lindell have been sharpening their science, technology, engineering and math skills with various lessons and projects that allow them to make discoveries and witness STEM concepts firsthand.

Fifth graders learned that matter is made up of atoms and built atomic models out of craft supplies. They identified the nucleus, protons and neutrons and outer ring and gained an understanding of the periodic table of elements. Fourth grade students are studying Einstein’s scientific theory about energy. In individual stations, they participated in activities focused on types of energy types and transfer processes.

Third grade classes observed African Clawed Frogs as part of their studies on life cycles. Students developed models to illustrate the unique and diverse life cycles of organisms and recorded data in their field notebooks. While learning about the properties of buoyancy, second graders sculpted boats out of clay to test the impact of factors such as density, mass and shape.

This school year brought the addition of a STEM specialist teacher at each elementary school to enhance hands-on learning and innovation. The district will share more highlights as the school year continues.