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Long Beach High School

Science Department


Cristie Tursi, Director of Science

Phone: (516) 771-3960
FAX: (516) 771-3961

High School Science Department
Office Phone: (516) 897-2038

The science department at Long Beach High School is dedicated to helping our students meet the rigorous new state standards now in effect, and will do everything possible to assist our students in achieving these goals.


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 Collaborative Experimentation Across Disciplines for IB Experimental Sciences 



Science Department Courses




Half Year Electives

Living Environment

Animal Behavior

Living Environment Honors

Criminal Investigations

Phys. Setting/Earth Science R

Extreme Earth

Earth Science H

Intro to Sports Medicine

Phys. Setting/Chemistry R


Phys. Setting/Chemistry H


Applied Chemistry

Full Year Electives

Phys. Setting/Physics R

Marine Science

Phys. Setting/Physics H

SUPA Forensic Science

Applied Physics




IB/AP Courses

Special Programs

IB Biology HL, year 1 & 2

Sci. Research I

AP Chemistry

Sci. Research II

IB Computer Science SL, year 1 & 2

Sci. Research III

IB Environmental

Sci. Research IV

IB Sports Exercise and Health Science SL, year 1 & 2


IB Physics




Bilingual Classes are offered in Living Environment and Earth Science