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Long Beach High School

Family / Consumer Science Department


Coordinator: Claude Irwin

Sharon Gamble
Janna James
Long Beach High School Extra Help Schedule

The family and consumer science program help students increase self-sufficiency by empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed to manage their personal and family lives as well as their work responsibilities.

Courses include:

•  Human Development
•  Food and Nutrition.
•  Gourmet Foods and Cultural Foods.
•  Child Development and Parenting.


•  Basic food preparation.
•  Advanced food preparation.
•  Lifestyles and decisions related to families and the importance of proper nurturing techniques for children.

Careers that Start With Family & Consumer Sciences:

•  Architect-Drafter
•  Land Developer
•  Child Psychologist
•  Health Service Worker
•  Social Worker
•  Cooperative Extension Agent
•  Special Education Instructor
•  Butcher-Chef-Baker
•  Recreation Director
•  Youth Counselor
•  Day Care Director
•  Nursery School Teacher

•  Medical Technician
•  Pediatrician-P.A.-Nurse
•  Dietician-Nutritionist
•  Food-Chemist Researcher
•  Supermarket Manager
•  Geriatric Worker (w/Elderly)
•  Restaurant Owner-Manager
•  Occupational Therapist
•  Product Demonstrator
•  Interior Decorator
•  Mechanical-Civil Engineer
•  Food Stylist-Photographer
•  Utility Company Representative