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Growing Up with Goals

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Lido Elementary School students learned about various job fields during a career day event, held on May 7. Presenters from throughout the community visited classes and discussed their roles, inspiring the students to think about the future and pursue their dreams.

Students learned about being a lawyer, financial planner, coach, DJ, choreographer, martial arts instructor, lifeguard, filmmaker, pediatrician, chiropractor, firefighter, police officer, professional surfer, FBI agent, caterer, hair dresser, makeup artist, pizza chef, architect and more. They also learned that it is possible to have multiple jobs based on their interests. 

The presenters answered questions from students and demonstrated ways that equipment is used in their vocations. Members of the fire department showed their audience what they wear for protection, while Lisa Baruch Cosmetics exhibited airbrushed makeup application. Ian Schrieber gave students an opportunity to stand behind the DJ booth, and Master Parks led Tae Kwon Do sessions. Students also enjoyed seeing the Customs and Border Protector canines and learning how the dogs are trained to help solve crimes. Many more workshops engaged students in hands on experiences that gave them an early look into the working world.