More than 50 colleges and universities were represented at an event presented by Long Beach High School’s counseling department on September 18. The mini-fair featured an assortment of booths in the gymnasium, where representatives from the various schools across the nation provided information about their programs, admission requirements, campus life and more.

Seniors visited their stations of interest and took brochures and other materials as they embark upon their application ventures. Next up is the annual Grade 12 College Information Night, which is scheduled for September 27 at 7 p.m. Financial Aid Night and Grade 9 Parent Night events are slated for October 19 and 25, respectively. Click here to view the full calendar.   

Delivering an educational program that supports college and career readiness is one of the district’s major priorities. The counseling department and other members of the high school staff will continue to work closely with seniors and their parents throughout the school year as the students make decisions that will help shape their futures.