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Cycling smiles at Lido Elementary

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Fourteen Long Beach High School mentors surprised their elementary school mentees with donated bicycles through the Long Beach Big Brothers Big Sisters organization during their end of the year celebration.

While enjoying pizza and desserts in the Lido Elementary School’s All Purpose room, high school students rode into the room on bicycles with personalized nametags to present the younger children. All bicycles were equipped with helmets and bike locks donated by two Long Beach organizations, Bikes for Kids in America and The Chain Professional Networking Group. The Littles also received a t-shirt and Frisbee from the two organizations.  

Bikes for Kids in America is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of helping every child feel the joy and freedom of riding his or her own bike.

The Chain Professional Networking Group is a group of business professional who believe in building business relationships through service and charity.   

Garret Guttenberg and Brian Hallinan from The Chain Professionals Networking Group, Enrico DeLuca, CEO of Bikes for Kids in America and Mark Cox, CEO of Long Island’s Big Brothers Big Sisters commended the Bigs for establishing a life-long friendship with their Littles.  
In addition, Long Beach High School seniors Emily Hulbert and Raul Vidal were formally acknowledged for receiving the organization’s 2016 scholarship during the Volunteers Appreciation Reception at Crest Hollow Country Club held on April 12. The recipients received this honor for demonstrating high levels of motivation, responsibility and resiliency in their every day lives.