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Long Beach High School Celebrates Class of 2022

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Long Beach High School’s 99th Annual Commencement Ceremony brought a joyous culmination to the school year. The Class of 2022, district leaders, teachers and students’ proud family members were delighted to be together to witness and celebrate this milestone.

The graduation band played “Pomp and Circumstance” as seniors entered Veterans Field in their caps and gowns, and the graduation choir and band performed the national anthem.

Speakers reflected on the students’ perseverance throughout the last year. Principal Jeffrey Myers praised the graduates for a successful year of accomplishments, and Board of Education trustee Alexis Pace addressed the class with pride. She asked them to always remember two words, gratitude and leadership.

Co-salutatorians Victoria Lugo and Freddy Ramon together gave heartfelt remarks about the determination and struggles each of their families faced as immigrants to ensure the two would understand the importance of education and its privilege. It was evident the two shared many of the same classes and experiences as they continued with their speech.

When reflecting on family members, Ramon stated, “Despite the magnitude of adversity they encountered, they never complained. Instead, they held on to their faith, praying that love and diligence would be enough to overcome their struggles.”

“We understood at the deepest part of our core that succeeding academically would be how we could do better for them,” Lugo said. “The light of our loved ones guided us. We are the echoes of our ancestors’ prayers; we are the fruit of their dedication of their perseverance of loyalty to love. They are the ones we think of when we feel helpless and are on the cusp of surrender.”

Ramon then finished their address by saying, “We wish that as each of you embark on a new journey, you surround yourself with individuals who inspire you, whether it be family or friends, because hope is a force that will bless you with success.”

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jennifer Gallagher told the graduating class, “Your families are so proud of you. Today is a beautiful tribute to their support.” She praised the students for their achievements in every academic area and said, “Among you right now are future world leaders, but also young people who will make a difference in workplaces, colleges and communities. Not only in the future but right now, today.”

Her closing advice was to “follow your dreams for sure but in doing so, make sure you use your abilities to serve and make a difference. I can guarantee, you will never regret a life of service to others. The benefits of that life will be returned to you a hundredfold. Long Beach will always be your home. We are proud of you and will be cheering you on today and in the future.”

Class of 2022 co-valedictorians Samantha Addeo and Joseph Sukonik addressed their classmates with fond memories made together and shared good wishes as they move forward in life.

“Every single one of us has the ability to change the world for the better,” Senior Class President Sebastian Quinn said. “Your future may not be the same as the person sitting next to you, but if you stay true to who you are, greatness will follow. Your legacy has already begun development, and I’m excited to see where everyone will end up.”

Following the speeches, each graduate was called up to receive their diploma, signifying the completion of the long journey they had made.

Student Organization President Natalia Hakimzadeh led her classmates in the turning of their tassels from right to left, and the graduates cheered and tossed their caps in the air.

Date Added: 6/24/2022