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Long Beach High School Students Awarded at BASH

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Long Beach High School’s TV production team was awarded a certificate of appreciation at the 5th Annual BASH (Broadcasting Awards for Senior High) event held at with certificates for their outstanding efforts hosting last year’s event virtually.

The certificate reads In recognitionof their tremendous contributions to the 2021 Broadcast Awards for Senior High. The Stony Brook University School of Communication and Journalism thanks you for hosting virtual BASH and for making the show so much fun and engaging for all attendees.

The students spent hours scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, and editing short video intros for each of the 8 categories: Best Broadcast, Best Community New Package, Best PSA, Best Opening Segment, Best Sports Package, Best School New Package, Best Anchor Team, Most Entertaining, and Best Science Reporting Package. They also hosted the event moving seamlessly from category to category.

The April 28 event was held at Stony Brook University with students representing 22 high schools from Nassau and Suffolk counties. LBHS teacher Eric Krywe said, “The Long Beach students were called up on stage with great applause to receive their certificates. It was a nice moment for our school.”

Bash seeks to support and foster growth among high school students and educators interested in broadcast journalism, video production, media, and communications, by honoring their work and providing learning opportunities to develop and improve skills in these areas.

Date Added: 5/27/2022