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Day of Science Offers Hands-On Learning Opportunities for Students

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In late November, students enrolled in Long Beach High School’s International Baccalaureate Biology course participated in a Day of Science, geared at providing students with hands-on learning opportunities. Students dedicated an entire day in the science lab, under the guidance of teacher Karen Bloom and lab assistant Cynthia Kenney, to conduct their experiments.

The project, which accounts for one fifth of a student’s grade, was the culmination of months of research and preparation. Students explored topics of interest, wrote drafts, developed procedures, obtained the necessary supplies, all while following a rigorous IB rubric. 

Chosen experiments this year included trials on hydrolysis of hydrogen peroxide, soil germination and the effects of light on yeast restoration, among others. To culminate their project, students will now document their objectives, strategies and observations in a report.

The students have spent weeks planning each of their individual investigations, writing procedures, ordering supplies, and making data tables,” said Ms. Bloom. “This day is a culmination of countless hours of hard work coming to fruition, which is an amazing thing to witness!”

The district extends its thanks to Ms. Bloom, as well as Ms. Kenney, for their time and dedication to the students of Long Beach High School.