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Third Graders Conduct Science Experiments

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Third grade students at Lindell Elementary School in Long Beach participated in a variety of hands-on scientific experiments during their Fall Fun Inquiry Day. They worked in small groups and rotated through four stations, where they formulated a hypothesis to answer a focus question.

At the “Erupting Pumpkins” station, they were challenged to determine what happens when they mix baking soda and vinegar inside a carved pumpkin. At the “Static Electricity Dancing Ghosts” station, the students discovered what happens when they rub a balloon on a piece of tissue paper. At the “Spooky Expanding Ghosts” station, they investigated what happens to a deflated balloon on top of a water bottle when they fill the balloon with baking soda and the water bottle with vinegar. At the “Dry Ice Crystal Ball Bubble,” station, the third graders found out what happens when they stretch a piece of soapy cloth across a bowl filled with warm water and dry ice.

The young scientists investigated with the provided materials and drew conclusions based on their observations and the results of each procedure. In addition, they engaged in further discussions about why they drew certain conclusions and reflected on what they learned throughout the experience.