Lido Complex (Lido Elementary and LBMS): Phase 3 of the traffic reconfiguration work will be starting in mid-November. Routing of the main entrance will be reconfigured to utilize the traffic signal presently serving Lido Golf Course. The new entrance to Lido Complex will pass through the Lido Golf Course paved area and enter the school grounds just north of the Administration building. Existing utility lines will be relocated to a taller pole provided by PSEG.
In Lido Elementary a new boiler has been installed and control wiring is being completed. One existing boiler is being worked on due to leaky tubes. That boiler will be ready for steaming 10/29/21 or sooner.

LBMS: The tennis courts resurfacing with synthetic turf is complete and the courts are being used. Pickleball court lines are scheduled to be painted November 1.

LBHS: Temporary construction fencing has been installed around the removed asphalt basketball court area and the tidal pond. A new asphalt basketball court will be installed in the coming weeks. Concrete curb edging and ramps to the gym doors is scheduled to begin November 1.
Around the tidal pond a new permeable paver walkway is being laid. A 4’ high fence with (3) access gates is being installed. There is a new soil berm installed around the pond, landscaped with indigenous plants.

East Elementary: The new crawlspace ventilation system was redesigned due to unforeseen structural elements in the foundation walls. Details on fans, ductwork and exterior louvers are being reviewed.
A new steel reinforced wood guardrail has been ordered to protect the south playground from cars in the nearby intersection.

Lindell Elementary: Pricing has been received for patching and replacing sidewalks and curbs in front of the building along Lindell Blvd.

Nike Site: BOCES has accepted the new classroom and facility for the Medical Assistant Certification program which began at the start of school, Sept. 9th.