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LB Students Get on Board with Surfing

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The Long Beach Public Schools Athletic and Special Education Departments have partnered with Surf for All to introduce Life Skills students to the ocean’s soothing, healing and strengthening powers. This program is a new development in the district and was held for two weeks in September, with additional spring sessions anticipated for 2022.

Surf for All instructors paddled out with students and guided them through the excitement of standing up on their boards and riding waves to shore. The students smiled and cheered as they overcame fears, developed new strengths and soared across the water’s surface.

Surf for All is dedicated to assisting individuals and exposing them to the ocean, helping to cultivate a joy for surfing as well as maximizing surfing potential. The non-profit organization believes the ocean is a source of healing and spiritual strength that should be accessible to all.

“You can’t believe the giant smiles on these students’ faces when they actually surf for the first time,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jennifer Gallagher said. “Surfing is a great metaphor for education: it’s about harnessing knowledge, experiencing the excitement of discovery, and finding new ways to move forward. And in Long Beach, EVERY child gets to ‘catch that wave’ if they want to!”