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Students Brighten LBMS With No Place for Hate Mural

Middle school students standing in front of mural thumbnail187650
Long Beach Middle School students, under the guidance of art teacher Laura Swan, created a mural that illustrates the building’s No Place for Hate mission. The mosaic painting features various elements that together represent the school’s unity.

The piece is based on the Middle School’s mascot, the dolphin, which represents courage, self-confidence, virtue and strength. The ocean symbolizes connection and the notion that tumultuous waters can be endured when working together and supporting one another.

Ms. Swan spearheaded the initiative in partnership with the district’s No Place for Hate Committee, and her class members organized the project. In March, a two-day schoolwide assembly offered all students, including remote learners, an opportunity to paint index cards with specific colors designated by grade level. The completed cards were then intricately cut into mosaic pieces and fit within three dolphins signifying school-wide unity and collaboration.

The finished product, which took four months to create, also depicts ocean waves and a sunset-illuminated sky, and displays the text, “LBMS” and “No Place for Hate.” The mural is proudly on permanent display at Long Beach Middle School.