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LBHS Celebrates IB Diploma Program Graduates

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Sixty-two Class of 2021 graduates celebrated their completion of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. This feat entailed three higher-level and three standard-level International Baccalaureate courses, assessments, a Theory of Knowledge course, an extended essay and a community service project.

The tenth annual IB Diploma recognition ceremony, held on June 10, featured “the world” as its theme. Students Ceili Heffernan and Julianne Robinson led the Pledge of Allegiance and a student quartet presented musical entertainment as the event commenced.

Board of Education Trustee Sam Pinto, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jennifer Gallagher and Long Beach High School Principal Jeffrey Myers welcomed attendees and addressed the students, IB Coordinator Christine Graham shared inspiring remarks and Michelle D’Andrea took the podium as keynote speaker. Class of 2017 graduate Leah Shokrian provided alumni reflections about the program, and Michael Coritsidis spoke on behalf of the Class of 2021.

Each IB student was presented with a stole that signified accomplishment and perseverance.

“You’ve become reflective inquirers, caring communicators, knowledgeable and open-minded thinkers and principled and balanced risktakers,” Dr. Gallagher said. “Those skills and qualities will serve you very well in life.”

Congratulations to the following students, who took on this monumental endeavor in addition to their already challenging high school academic program:

Ahearn, Liam
Aitchison, Emily
Albright, Keane
Aponte Villazan, Oriana
Arengo, Maya
Arengo, Uma
Brereton, Naomi
Calderon, Vianka
Carpenter, Abbey
Casey, Chloe
Clune, Patricia
Cohen, Allison
Collinson, Tyler
Coritsidis, Michael
Damiani, Aron
DaSilva, Dillon
DeLeon, Justine
Dispo, Andrea
Escobar, Valentina
Esformes, Delphine
Fernandez, Giselle
Gannon, Jack
Geiger, Jack
Geller, Andrew
Goldstein, Dylan
Hartman, Daniel
Heffernan, Ceili
Heller, Trey
Indemaio, Rebecca
Keane, Kelsey
Kramer, Quinn
Lehr, Matthew
Lessard, Cecile
Lessard, Natalie
Levin, Paige
Macchia, Francesca
Marciniuk, Maxwell
Murphy, Harry
Navarrete, Peter
Palmer, Ruby
Pappas, Mia
Perez, Maia
Polete, Morgan
Prue, Jhana
Risso, Jamie
Roberts, Summer
Robinson, Julianne
Rodriguez, Abel
Roll, Katherine
Roser Dialma, Caroline
Schare, Alec
Sheridan, Tara
Shokrian, Danielle
Silverberg, Julia
Sofield, Dylan
Soriano, Jasmine Eliza
Tomicick, Lucia
Umanzor, Jeffrey
Vidal, Ashley
Wachs, Theodore
Xiao, Robin
Zion, Andie