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LB Honors Valued Staff Members

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Lindell Elementary School Principal Karen Sauter Honored thumbnail185047
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The Long Beach Public Schools’ June 8 Board of Education Meeting honored leaders and staff members for their service to the district. Awards and recognitions were presented on behalf of the Board and administration.

Lindell Elementary School Principal Karen Sauter, who is retiring after 36 years, was presented with SCOPE Education Services’ Administrative Service Award. Food Services Director Kyle Swan and the entire Food Services Department received the Support Staff Service Award. Additionally, Board of Education Vice President Dr. Dennis Ryan noted that this was Board of Education President Tina Posterli’s final meeting and commended her contributions to the Board.

The district recognized 30 retirees who have provided outstanding dedication as members of the administration, faculty and staff. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jennifer Gallagher shared that collectively, their service surpasses 668 years, and presented them with small tokens of appreciation. Congratulations and best wishes to the following retirees:

Michelle Duggan
Karen Sauter
Paul Contratti
Kathryn Virgona
Sharon Weiss
Michael Lundwall
Eugenia Atsalis
Terrance Bachan
Cheryleann Fontenot
Marianthi Psilakis
Arlyne Skolnik
Ana Quintero
Mark Demerest
Maria Kavathas
Dularmatie Kistama
Adriane Glassberg
Joyce Hanechak
Humberto Martinez
Pedro Salazar
Elaine Mango
Mary Ellen Condon
John Skudin
Angela O'Neill
Mandy Kovel
Steven Lahey
Marie Tillus
Jose Garcia
Margaret Trela
Joan Sattler
Patricia Goumas