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Laser-Focused on New Technology at LBHS

Students Using The Laser Cutter To Cut Words Into Wood thumbnail183439
Laser Cutter Cutting the Words

Long Beach High School recently added a laser cutter to its technology education resources, opening new opportunities to enhance students’ STEAM experiences. Housed in the wood shop, the equipment has already been used for engraving projects, and more plans are in the works.

Under the guidance of teacher Eric Heck, woodworking students design their projects digitally using RetinaEngrave software, which is connected directly to the machine. Students have created engraved cutting boards, coasters and decorative wall plaques. The engraving process itself only takes a few minutes for the average design.

“We wanted the engraver so that we would able to personalize projects, but it can do so much more,” Mr. Heck said. “We plan to use it for as much as possible.”

The equipment accepts other materials as well, and next year, the Robotics Club will be using it to create pieces for their robot, such as gears and hinges.