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100 Days at School in LB

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Long Beach students celebrated 100 days of school on Feb. 24 in various ways that demonstrated some of the amazing things they have learned since September. Many students and staff members dressed festively for the milestone and classes participated in activities that incorporated the number 100.

At East Elementary School, the 100th day of school is traditionally an exciting event for first graders and features many activities that reflect upon and celebrate students’ academic, social and creative achievements. This year’s celebration was part of a home-school community project in which students and families decorated t-shirts to represent 100. Staff members, parents and students connected via Zoom and students recited a 100th day poem, presented their completed shirts and applauded each other’s accomplishments. Classes chanted a superhero verse and each student then shared their own 100th day superhero success story. They highlighted improvements in reading, math, art and much more.

At West Elementary School, many students and staff members dressed up as though they were 100 years old while others sported hand decorated 100th Day t-shirts and hats. They enjoyed activity sheets, games and challenges and displayed and compared what quantities of 100 look like for various school and household items. As some specific examples of the day’s events, kindergarteners used 100 LEGOs to build a structure then wrote a “how to” book, completed 100 exercises and wrote 100 words.

These are just some of the many ways that students throughout the district commemorated 100 days of learning and growth!