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P.S. I Love You Day

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Several Long Beach schools celebrated P.S. I Love You Day as a way to encourage kindness and caring. An assortment of activities and projects focused on thoughtfulness toward others and helped to connect students and staff members. Many participants wore purple in support of the program’s mission.

At Long Beach High School, the Student Organization coordinated P.S. I Love You Day efforts on Feb. 11 and 12. Members arrived early in the morning and decorated the building, placed notes on every desk and filled the commons area with displays of positive affirmations. Additionally, carnations were available for students to purchase for others.

The Middle School organized numerous initiatives over the two days as well. A welcoming committee provided positive statements, purple ribbons and uplifting messages to those entering the building. Students wrote kind notes that were affixed to lockers and doors and also composed letters to special people in their lives. Additionally, they shared characteristics that define good friends and combined their responses to create a “caring quilt” displayed in the hallway.

Lido and the Pre-K Center observed Kindness Week, which culminated with P.S. I Love You Day. Students decorated kindness rocks in a project sponsored by the Pre-K and Lido PTAs and completed “I Love My Selfie” posters. Students and staff members also shared hearts with words of encouragement. The other buildings hold lessons and activities throughout the year that take different forms, but encompass the same underlying messages of love, compassion and positive mindsets.