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Day of Science Brings Students' Concepts to Fruition

L.B.H.S.International Baccalaureate Biology seniors work on on science experiments thumbnail178594

Each year, Long Beach High School’s International Baccalaureate Biology seniors dedicate a full school day to hands-on work in the science lab. They use this time to run their own experiments, troubleshoot any inconsistencies and record their results under the guidance of teacher Karen Bloom and lab assistant Cynthia Kenney.   

This project, which accounts for one fifth of a student’s grade, was the culmination of months of research and preparation. Students explored topics of interest, wrote drafts, developed procedures, obtained the necessary supplies, all while following a rigorous IB rubric. 

Nov. 24 brought the students together, albeit within safe social distancing parameters, to carry out their individual experiments. The classroom was the site of various photosynthesis investigations, pectinase testing, oxygen production observations and much more. The seniors will now communicate and illustrate their objectives, strategies, observations and analyses in a 12-page report.