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STEM Explorers at Lindell

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Students at Lindell have been sharpening their science, technology, engineering and math skills with various lessons and projects that allow them to make discoveries and witness STEM concepts firsthand.

Fifth graders learned that matter is made up of atoms and built atomic models out of craft supplies. They identified the nucleus, protons and neutrons and outer ring and gained an understanding of the periodic table of elements. Fourth grade students are studying Einstein’s scientific theory about energy. In individual stations, they participated in activities focused on types of energy types and transfer processes.

Third grade classes observed African Clawed Frogs as part of their studies on life cycles. Students developed models to illustrate the unique and diverse life cycles of organisms and recorded data in their field notebooks. While learning about the properties of buoyancy, second graders sculpted boats out of clay to test the impact of factors such as density, mass and shape.

This school year brought the addition of a STEM specialist teacher at each elementary school to enhance hands-on learning and innovation. The district will share more highlights as the school year continues.