The Board of Education would like to thank our administration, all our staff and our parents and community for the grit and determination they have shown over these last weeks.

A month ago, we were all looking forward to our spring/Passover/Easter break, whether that meant sharing our traditions with family locally and afar or taking a trip to find more sunshine or more snow.

How quickly that all changed. Now you are all experts on remote learning, disinfecting any surface, and the fine arts of social distancing and lip syncing.

We couldn’t be prouder to serve as your Board of Education. Your efforts- ranging from creative ways to keep students with cabin fever engaged to distribution of meals and groceries on a daily basis, to your diligence, and your dedication to your students are inspirational. We thank you.

A special note of thanks to the parents and caregivers within the District. You are amazing! We don’t even have words to express how grateful we are for your efforts at homeschooling and your cooperation in guiding our children through this new normal. Thank you.

We wish each of you a blessed holiday. Enjoy a zoom family reunion or a Facetime conversation with your loved ones. Know that we will be thinking of you. Stay safe.