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Central Administration


Position: Superintendent of Schools
Name: David Weiss
Contact Number: 897-2104 /

Position: Executive Director - Office of Human Resources
Name: Dr. Michele Natali
Contact Number: 897-2112 /

Position: Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction
  Dignity for All Students Act and the Bullying Policy Contact  
Name: Dr. Jennifer Gallagher
Contact Number: 897-2255 /

Position: Chief Operating Officer
Name: Michael I. DeVito, Esq.
Contact Number: 897-2090 /
Finance and Operations Dept.:           Webpage

Position: Program Supervisor of Technology
Name: Tony Hendel
Contact Number: 897-2129 /

Position: Executive Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Name: Sabrina Cantore
Contact Number: 897-2200 /
Pupil/Personnel Services Dept.: Webpage

Position: Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics
Name: Arnold Epstein
Contact Number: 897-2069 /
Athletics Dept: Athletics | District Nurse's Office

Position: Director of Media, Visual and Performing Arts
Name: Julia Lang-Shapiro
Contact Number: 897-6500 /
Comprehensive Arts Dept.: Webpage

Position: Director of Alternative & Adult Education Programs
Name: Marcia Mulé
Contact Number: 897-2111 Monday - Friday /
    Continuing Education

Position: Director of 6-12 Humanities (ELA/Social Studies/Reading/ESL/Library)
Name: Theresa Scudiero
Contact Number: 771-3960 /
Social Studies Dept.: Webpage

Position: Director of STEM 6-12 (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
Name: Dr. Deborah Lovrich
Contact Number: 771-3960 /
Social Studies Dept.: Webpage

Position: Guidance Coordinator 6-12
Name: Kerry Fallon
Contact Number: 516-897-2019/
High School Counseling Webpage:

Position: Director of Facilities and Operations
Name: Steve Lahey
Contact Number: 897-2120 /
Pupil/Personnel Services Dept.: Webpage

Position: Director of Food Services
Name: Steven Kamlet
Contact Number: 897-2097 /
Food Services Dept.: Webpage

Position: District Clerk
Name: Carole Butler
Contact Number: 897-2108 /

Position: Director of Transportation
Name: Christopher Malone
Contact Number: 897-2132
Transportation Dept.: Webpage
 Position: Director of K-5 Elementary Curriculum
 Name: Sean Murray  
 Contact Number: