Phase 1 - Lindell Elementary School [LES]

Project Phase Description:
• Lindell Elementary School [LES] exterior envelope restoration (includes impressed current cathodic protection, window replacement, and roof replacement), entry ramp construction, elevator addition, and interior structural work.

Current Project Stage: Construction [July 2009 – December 2010]

Exterior envelope restoration:

• storefront replacement; auditorium vestibule installed.
• window replacement; 50% of windows delivered
• adjustments to window mockup
• masonry restoration; existing parapets are 75% removed, spandrel beams exposed, steel refurbishment underway, joint grinding continues at east and south elevations.
• Impressed Current Cathodic Protection bid awarded on April 13, 2010, coordination of general requirements with SPS begun.
• Interior structural work:
• Structural steel installation approximately 80% complete.

Entry Ramp & Elevator Construction
• Front ramp way; cast stone installation is 75% complete, stone cap is 60% complete, and railings are being fabricated.
• Elevator remedial work on shaft foundation completed, pit waterproofed, backfilled and tested.

The overall completion of this phase of work remains December 2010

Subsequent Project Stage: Closeout [January – March 2011]