Community Service in the Works in LBHS Wood Shop

Community Service in the Works in LBHS Wood Shop photo thumbnail138562
Long Beach High School students are building a strong sense of altruism in the building’s wood shop, where they are completing multiple community service projects. The woodworking students are constructing Adirondack chairs for the Northport VA hospital and will be delivering them during a field trip in November. Meanwhile, Life Skills students are creating two wooden American flags that will be given to the school district for display in the buildings. All items are being crafted from scratch and will be of professional quality. 

The high school’s woodworking courses equip students with knowledge needed to safely and properly use hand and power tools and make actual wooden products. Students learn all stages, from designing and planning concepts to assembling their finished pieces. Each year, students in Woodworking 2, the advanced class, collaborate on an outreach project that brings their skills into the larger community.