LBMS Lending Library Coming Soon

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Long Beach Middle School is preparing to unveil a lending library that will provide students with opportunities to borrow books as they enter and exit the building. This development is serving as a learning experience all around, promoting reading among students while involving some in the hands-on design and engineering processes. 

“This is one way that we are developing our literacy culture in the district and making authentic reading practices come alive,” said PreK-12 Director of Literacy Dr. Lorraine Radice.  

Under the guidance of teacher Brian Pross, technology students are currently building the final product. Students enrolled in wood tech took on the endeavor by stating the problem, developing a solution, planning the design and crafting a prototype out of cardboard. They tested their model and noted adjustments that they will make when constructing the actual project. 

The students also measured the height of their eyes from ground level and will take the average of their data to determine the best height at which to hang the library. They hope to finish the final product by next month.

“We are beginning to discuss the design cycle and the little library was the perfect opportunity for me to show the students how it works with a real-world example,” said Mr. Pross. 

Those at the middle school look forward to this new outlet to share and have even more access to books!