LB Fifth Graders Celebrate Completion of Elementary School

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Fifth graders at East, Lido, Lindell and West Elementary Schools moved onward and upward during promotion ceremonies held on June 19 and 20. Proud members of the Board of Education Administration, staff and students’ families cheered on the graduates as they concluded one phase of their education and get ready for the next.

Each building’s gathering had a specific theme that was portrayed through decorations, music and more. East School’s event was named, “A Million Dreams,” Lido School’s was “Let Your True Colors Shine” Lindell School featured a “The World is Ours” program, and West School sent off graduates with the message, “Picture Your Future.”

Student speakers from the four schools addressed their peers and audience members with reflections about their experiences thus far and the possibilities ahead. Current Middle School Principal Paul Romanelli and his soon-to-be replacement, Vice Principal Lorie Beard, expressed excitement for the students’ futures. Elementary school principals Kathleen Connolly, Karen Sauter, Dr. Brenda Young and Amy Dirolf shared positive sentiments with their respective graduates. The event at Lido also featured a special acknowledgment of Dr. Young as she prepares to retire. 

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jennifer Gallagher and Board of Education members commended the students as well. Dr. Gallagher provided each graduate with a symbolic gift – a highlighter, which represents the importance of “making your mark” and “highlighting the best in others.” All ceremonies additionally featured special award presentations to students who have excelled in academics, music, art, community involvement and a number of other areas.