Enthusiasm at Lindell over STEM event!

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Lindell elementary students participated in a robotics competition throughout the months of March and April. The cooperative groups of fourth and fifth grade teams created a unique team name, poster, logo symbol, slogan, and image to represent their team for a school bulletin board display. Participants were required to remotely control a DASH robot through a designated course without touching boundary lines, complete the route by landing on a bullseye and finish in the time allotted. Individual student points were then averaged for a team score. Teams with the highest point average advanced through a bracket system which was displayed on a school bulletin board.

Courses became significantly more challenging as teams advanced, including the robot pushing a cup onto a bullseye for the finale. The excitement mounted when the competition was narrowed down to the final four and then the final two teams. These teams competed in the gymnasium for all third, fourth and fifth grade students to watch. The winning teams received a bronze medal for third place, a silver medal for second place, a gold medal for first place and the overall winning team received a trophy for the showcase in the lobby of Lindell School.

The overwhelming student energy and enthusiasm was evident during the competition with cheering and respectful silence while students competed. Congratulations to the four finalist teams ROBO Power, The Stryroshells, The Seagulls and The Glizzies.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this amazing STEM event!

Date Added: 5/11/2022