There will be a screening of the "Names Not Numbers" Documentary on May 25th at 5:00 PM in the Long Beach High School Auditorium.

This documentary chronicles the life and experience of three Holocaust survivors. Students from Long Beach High School, under the direction of Dr. Morand, met with CBS News Journalist Polly Leider to learn how to write and ask questions for the documentary and then met with Holocaust survivors Allan Hall, Ruth Mermelstein and Iren Orner.

This was made possible by the support of Tova Rosenberg, the founder of “Names Not Numbers” and Mrs. Rusgo, a parent and administrator at the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach. The students then videoed and edited footage in conjunction with a filmmaker and this documentary will be shown on May 25th with the survivors present for the film. Please consider coming to this amazing event.

The invitation is attached.

Date Added: 5/11/2022