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Long Beach High School students showed promising futures on March 11, when they pitched a total of nine different company models that they designed themselves for the third annual Business Olympics. This event brings the School-Business Partnership together and provides opportunities for business students to express their creativity and engage in networking. The audience was filled with supporters and local professionals who served as judges. 

Each team provided thorough presentations that covered their concept’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and locations.  Andrew Geller, Tyler Armak and  Jordan Moses were named winners for their business, HyPot – a self-gardening pot for any apartment and studio. Made of a plastic container and manufactured in Long Beach, the pot would be utilized by residents of homes that do not possess a backyard to garden.

Jakub Parker, Jacob Mikelberg, Jack Littman, James Yeomans and Thomas Corso presented their C2C Energy venture, while Kelly Monahan, Layla Hakimzadeh and William Tighe explained their concept for Eco Energy. Zen Yokel, Declan Conway, Thomas Sofield and Gregory Sofield shared their plans for Hydroponics By the Sea, and Kaia Cheung, Grace Ventura, Victoria Famighetti and Gabrielle Selter  presented Compost on the Water.

Arjun Gupta, Jeremiah Cochran, Evan Michaels and Noah Goren developed the business, Long Beach Biofuel, while Thomas Walsh, Brett Weiner, Jake Ignatow, Dylan Edelman and Dmytro Vremenko showcased their idea for Eco Consulting. Giovanni Mangiafreno, Eric Abneri and Jeffrey Persky described The Solumbra, and Brooke Shapiro, Jared Starman and Eddie Vrona shared their idea for Ride the Wave Power.

The Business Olympics was introduced in 2017 as a way to enhance college- and career readiness and equip students with skills that they can use in the future. The experience broadens students’ understanding of the factors involved in developing a business. This year, students completed their projects on their own free time, not for a grade or as a class assignment.