LARC Takes on Trivia for a Cause

LARC Takes on Trivia for a Cause photo
LARC Takes on Trivia for a Cause photo 2
Long Beach’s LARC program raised almost $3,000 for the Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County through the CP Nassau Trivia Challenge Fundraiser. The fourth-grade LARC curriculum includes a service learning project in which students use their talents to help people in need. For this project, all students took a trip to CP Nassau, during which the principal of CP Nassau's Children's Learning Center and other officials explained why children and adults with CP require extensive funds for devices to assist with their mobility and communication. 

The students toured the facility and school, sitting in on classes and observing how teachers of children with CP adapt instruction to their learners. After the visit, all LARC fourth-graders took a 100-question trivia challenge in teams. The highest scoring team answered an impressive 88 questions correctly, and represented the LARC program at the Trivia Challenge finals on Feb. 25 where they faced off against teams from all over Long Island. The Long Beach LARC team, comprised of Sadie D'Amico, Theodore Gargiulo, James Long, and Ronin Morita, was the only group to win the "treasure chest" prize at the Trivia Challenge for answering a specifically designated question correctly! 

The LARC students reached out to family, friends, and other community members to raise almost $3,000 for CP Nassau. One student, Ben Levinson, raised over $1,000, said the trip specifically inspired him to work hard to seek out donations.