Fun, Fruit and Fitness Come Together at Lindell

Fun, Fruit and Fitness Come Together at Lindell photo

The Long Beach Public Schools’ Lindell Elementary School was transformed into a health hub on Feb. 1, during the building’s annual Fun, Fruit and Fitness Day. This event promotes overall wellness and teaches students fun ways to stay active, make wise decisions and embrace healthy lifestyles. Classes rotated an assortment of workshops and activities that fit the day’s theme.

Lindell staff members and guest fitness, dance and medical professionals from the community led a variety of workshops that focused on health, safety and physical activity. Among the highlights were jump rope, bootcamp, fitness, relay and dance sessions. Students explored African and Irish dance choreography in addition to other styles. They put their academic and athletic abilities to work during Movement Math challenges, practiced stress-reduction techniques in mindfulness sessions and learned bicycle safety protocol. 

Registered nurse Gabby Mancuso and chiropractor Dr. Robert Marks presented on their careers and how they help patients. Paralympian volleyball athlete Lora Webster shared her experiences and showed students how to play sitting volleyball. 

The day also included a nutritional component and provided healthy snacks and plenty of water. 

Lindell’s Fun, Fruit and Fitness Day is held every February in conjunction with American Heart Month. It supports the many ways that physical activity, positive choices and mindfulness are incorporated into the educational program throughout the school year.