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Fourth-graders in Lisa Rundo’s class at Lindell Elementary School have been reflecting on their dreams with creativity, tying in the lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Using the open work environment and resources of the building’s new Innovation Lab Makerspace, the students expressed their aspirations and passions inspired by Dr. King.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day will be observed nationwide on Jan. 21. Students have been studying his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement and equality in the United States through interdisciplinary lessons and discussions. They listened to his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, which spurred the creation of their projects – “I Have a Dream” boxes that display their own interpretations of the theme. 

The class initially designed the boxes and wrote out plans, then visited the Innovation Lab Makerspace to bring ideas to fruition. Students cut, assembled and covered boxes of various forms that they adorned with meaningful words and pictures. They filled the interiors with items, more visual images and encouraging phrases and many incorporated their personal interests such as music and sports. 

Jake Impagliazzo embellished the exterior of his box with pictures of a peace sign and sun. Around the sides, he shared handwritten dreams including “For war to stop,” “That the sun will always shine,” “For violence to stop,” “For animals to live free and “For pollution to stop.” The inside contained a portrait of Dr. King and a note thanking the historical leader. His classmates ornamented their box layouts with positive notes as well. Anala Teemer wrote, “Look in the mirror. Do you see you? So don’t let anyone change who you are.”  

Other students chose messages such as “It’s cool to be kind,” “faith” and “peace,” and some honored Dr. King directly and decorated their boxes with his quotes and speech excerpts.