LB Celebrates Record Number of All-County Students

LB Celebrates Record Number of All-County Students photo
A record number of 78 musicians in the Long Beach Public Schools have been accepted to participate in the New York State School Music Association’s All-County Music Festival. The students represent all six buildings and will perform in the Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Instrumental and Vocal Jazz ensembles. 

Long Beach Middle School student Isabelle DePalma was accepted into all three ensembles, and elementary strings students excelled in the highly competitive instruments of viola and violin in All-County as well as the Long Island String Festival Association concerts.  

 The All-County performances take place at the LIU Post Tilles Center for Performing Arts in January. The students earned this prestigious opportunity based on the scores they received at the NYSSMA Solo Evaluation Festival. They represent the most outstanding young musicians in Nassau County and dedicate a great deal of effort to music, with much support and guidance from the Media, Visual and Performing Arts Department. 

The All-County students are listed as follows: 

Sophiana Arroyo, Alto, Choir
Zoe Biern, Alto, Choir
Lucinda Nash, Alto, Choir
Avery Schab, Alto, Choir
Vanessa Solis, Violin, Orchestra

Sara Biancamano, Soprano, Choir
Winter Collinson, Violin, Orchestra
Alanna Damiani, Violin, Orchestra
Tabitha Freeny, Soprano, Choir
Hannah Hummel, Soprano, Choir
David Jespersen, Soprano, Choir
Jacob Piechoniski, Trumpet, Band

Leah Clutter, Alto, Choir
Charlotte Free, Flute, Band
Mary Hagen, Viola, Orchestra
Aneisa Nicholas, Viola, Orchestra
Lucia Petty, Flute, Band
Reilly Sanfilippo, Soprano, Choir
Marielle Small, Alto Sax, Band
Anne Wachs, Alto, Choir

Aiden Derupo, Trumpet, Band 
Eva Gargiulo, Alto, Choir
Brigid Kelly, Alto, Choir
Archie Lithgow, Alto, Choir
Luke Morita, Alto, Choir

Long Beach Middle School
Samuel Adler, Alto, Choir
Liora Brown, Bb Clarinet, Band
Kyra Brunick-Davis, Alto, Choir
Alejandro Celis, Trumpet, Orchestra
Isabelle DePalma, Soprano, Choir
Isabelle Depalma, Trumpet 3, Jazz Band
Isabelle Depalma, Trumpet, Band
Melinda DeSantis, Alto, Choir
Jessica Greenblatt, Alto, Choir
Gerrin Hagen, French Horn 2, Band
Sarah Heller, Soprano, Choir
Joseph Henry, Baritone , Choir
Sienna Hornberger, Alto, Choir
Jacob LoCascio, Baritone, Choir
Matthew O'Connor, Alto Sax 1, Band
Shea O'Hara, Alto, Choir
Summer Reed, Alto, Choir
Noah Robinson, Alto, Choir
Aryelle Teran, Alto, Choir
Theo Turbek, Trombone 2, Jazz Band
Alvin Wright, Trombone 1, Jazz Band

Long Beach High School
John Aebly, Bb Clarinet, Band
Maya Arengo, Viola, Orchestra
Maryn Ascher, Soprano, Choir
Charles Ashmead, Snare Drum, Orchestra
Jaden Bloom, Trombone, Band
Kenneth Bailing, Tenor Choir
Kira Centenni, Flute, Band
Alec Chasin, Bb Clarinet, Band
Caitlin Devine, Alto 2, Mixed Chorus
Dylan Edelman, Snare Drum, Band
Sophia Elenson, Double Bass, Orchestra
Emma Goorland, Soprano, Choir
Layla Hakimsadeh, Bb Clarinet, Band
Joshua Kapilian, Bass, Vocal Jazz
Ariel Keynan, Tenor, Choir
Mia Mangels, Alto 1, Mixed Chorus
Shea McMahon, Alto 1, Mixed Chorus
Jennifer Murphy, Alto 2 , Mixed Chorus
Ariel Nachman, Alto 1, Mixed Chorus
James O'Connor, Tenor 1, Mixed Chorus
Madeline O'Connor, Bb Clarinet, Band
Harrison Phillips, Bassoon, Band
Alex Ramirez, Tuba/Sousaphone, Band
Amanda Roman, Alto 2, Mixed Chorus
Chandler Rosenzweig, French Horn, Orchestra
Matthias Roth, Baritone Sax, Band
Danielle Shokrian, Bb Clarinet, Band
Samantha Snow, Alto 1, Mixed Chorus
Thomas Walsh, Alto 2, Mixed Chorus