Living History at East

Living History at East photo

The entire fourth grade at East School in the Long Beach Public Schools created a Living Museum on Oct. 31, when they brought history into the building’s gymnasium. Organized by teachers Rebecca Wesselhoft and Christine Walsh, students portrayed influential individuals from the past and shared engaging lessons with parents and other guests.

Students in each fourth-grade class spent time researching their subject in the school’s library as well as at home. They chose facts to communicate, made props in the innovation station and developed speeches. The event featured an expo of presentation boards displayed by students dressed to the theme. While Halloween brought costumes of all types, these students sported attire that told true, impactful stories. 

The represented figures ranged from athletes to inventors, from famous authors to positive leaders. Among them were Thomas Jefferson, Helen Keller, Sacagawea, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Anne Frank, Jackie Robinson, Cleopatra, Coco Chanel, Robert E. Lee, Stan Lee, Wayne Gretzky and many more. The fourth-grade teachers dressed and assembled to form Mt. Rushmore.