A new contract agreement has been reached between the Long Beach Public Schools’ Board of Education and the Long Beach Classroom Teachers Association, effective April 1. Negotiations were underway for two years, and the resulting settlement includes benefits for both the staff members and the district.

The Long Beach Classroom Teachers Association is comprised of teachers, guidance counselors and nurses. These individuals will see an increased value in their salary schedule for four years of the five-year contract. Health insurance contributions will remain the same as they have been, at 15 percent of the premium, and the district’s work calendar will increase by one instructional day (from 180 to 181) starting in 2017-18.
For the current and next school year, the salary increase will be .5 percent, while it will rise to .75 percent for 2018-19 and 2019-20. Those currently on Step 17 or higher will also receive a $300 payment this year.

“We are pleased that our board and teachers union have come to an agreement, and that we are able to provide continued benefits to our staff members,” said Superintendent of Schools David Weiss. “The efforts and time of all involved are appreciated.”