East School has unveiled a vibrant path of creativity and connection outside the building’s entrance. As the result of an event and activity held in conjunction with Unity Day, students painted beautiful designs on rocks that have been assembled for all to see.

Back in January, Regent Roger Tilles paid a visit to the school and discussed the value of each person’s uniqueness with an audience of kindergarten through fifth-grade students. He read the book, “Only One You,” by Linda Kranz, and described the story’s messages about individuality and making the world a better place. Students returned to their classrooms and painted their own rocks, based on rock fish featured on the book’s cover, using materials donated by PTA members. 

Since the rock garden’s installation, East students take every opportunity they can to explore it and decipher the meaning behind each piece. It has quickly become a favorite gathering spot before and after school, with significance that goes a long way.