Long Beach Honors Students and Staff at BOE Meeting


Students as well as staff members were honored for their dedication and efforts during the Long Beach Public Schools’ June 14 Board of Education Meeting. The 2017-18 school year concludes with many achievements of which the district is extremely proud.

At the high school level, Madison Gusler was awarded the Nassau County District Attorney SHIELD Award and Dane DePasquale was recognized for his videography service to the district. Lauren Bulik, Stephan Casesa, Nicole Codianni, Dylan Edelman, Jake Ignatow, Brooke Shapiro, Jared Starman, Thomas Walsh and Brett Weiner were congratulated for their success at the DECA State Competition, and Brooke Shapiro, Jared Starman and Edward Vrona were honored for their winning Business Olympics concept, “The Dockyard.” Lauren Bulik, Trey Heller, Sydney Hoffmann, Joshua Kapilian, Emily McDonnell, Vinny Pagano, Jaylyn Umana and Andie Zion received distinctions for their science research accomplishments.

From Long Beach Middle School, Rio Arengo, Benjamin Armus, Hailey Barshak, Saige Berube, Hailey Brandt, Samantha Breen, Jason Cooper, Lorelai Corbett, Natalia Hakimzadeh, Daniella Isaacs, Alexandria Kile, Saoirse Marx, Cameron Moses, Sebastian Muzikar, William Pagan, Giovanni Panicola, Gabriel Petty, Abigail Phillips, Samantha Rosenbaum, Jack Skarren and Ryan Starman received accolades for their awards earned in the Long Island Science Congress junior division. Students also presented their Middle Years Program Community Projects and described the background research, plans of action and outcomes that this endeavor involved. Sebastian Quinn, Tyler Fales and Thomas Littlefield summarized their ideas for crosswalks to enhance safety on the streets leading toward the Rec Center, while Anna Lanigan and Ashley Cummings described the steps that they took to provide necessities to people in need.  

Many elementary school students were also distinguished for their achievements. 

Marissa Miller, Luke Morita, Leofwin Muskin, Jordi Perez, Ronin Rugolsky and Aaliyah Trichter were praised for their high scores in the WordMasters Challenge, while Sydney Brandt, Winter Collinson, Alfonso D’Amato, Tabitha Freeny, Eva Gargiulo, Jordan Haltrecht, Kailyn Kelly, Catherine Maguire, Marissa Miller, Brooke Nielsen, Sebastian Perez, Lucia Petty, EnShan Ramkissoon and Sienna Warren were applauded for success in the Wonder League Robotics Competition. Ronin Morita, Lucia Petty and Aysu Unver received commendations for their excellence in the Kids Philosophy Slam. For Odyssey of the Mind, Winter Collinson, Isabelle DePalma, Tabitha Freeny, Shane Haglich, Sienna Hornberger, Ryan Aba Riebli and Zachary Scouten were honored as first-place winners in the regional tournament and fifth-place in the state event, and Teddy Clancy, Alana Damiani, Cathy Maguire, Alyssa Mincy, Vincent Napolitano, Lucy Nash and Johncarlo Piccolino were recognized as second-place winners at the regional tournament.

The meeting also included a celebration of tenure. Christina Farrell, Kristine Farrell, Danielle Goggin, William Papetti, Kaitlin Smith and Serena Whitfield were recommended for tenure, which was granted by the Board of Education. Administrators reflected on the valuable contributions that each of these faculty members have made during their time in the district.