Lindell Highlights Healthy Habits and Hearts


In conjunction with American Heart Month, students at the Long Beach Public Schools’ Lindell Elementary School participated in a day of food, fruit and fitness on Feb. 3. Classes rotated an assortment of workshops and activities that were designed to support physical, mental and emotional wellness through aerobics, sports, relaxation techniques and health and safety lessons.

Lindell staff members and guest health professionals from the community led groups in yoga, kickboxing, dance, jump rope, Jiu-Jitsu, hula hoop, mind and body connection and volleyball sessions.

In an African Dance class, students performed a traditional welcome dance. The choreography was explained in ways that they were able to understand and remember. In kickboxing, students had opportunities to create their own combinations of the basic movements they practiced with their teachers.

The yoga workshops featured everything from high energy activities to breathing exercises. The poses were based on animals, which helped students make the connection between fitness and fun.

“I think it’s really getting us out and exercising more than we would on a regular day,” said student John Sofield. “The African Dance had patterns that helped us learn how to do it,” said Shane Ferrante.
Pediatricians Dr. Chow and Dr. Matt and Orthodontist Dr. Bitton presented about care and control of one’s mind and body. As another component to the day, students created Healthy Heart bookmarks as well as Healthy Heart Valentines, with coupons redeemable for healthy heart activities with family members.

The Food, Fruit and Fitness Fair is an annual event at Lindell that emphasizes the many ways that physical activity, positive choices and mindfulness are incorporated into the educational program throughout the school year.