LB welcomes new teachers

The Long Beach Public Schools welcomed new staff members with a three-day orientation that included an array of presentations, workshops and discussions.

The orientation included an introduction to the district’s goals, key learning frameworks, professional tools and policies as well as a bus tour around the community. The new staff members had opportunities to meet their colleagues, administrators and Board of Education members.

Welcome to Philip Cabasino, Timothy Cabasino, Ashley Castanio, Christina Causi, Alexandra Clark, Kelsey Dass, Regina Dibono, Brittany Gervase, Marie DiGiovanni, Jennifer Healy, Erin Hutton, Zoe Irwin, Frank Lettieri, Amanda Maggio, Rose Ann Malizia, Conor Manning, Eva Mastrantuono, Stephen McSweeney, Stephanie Mena, Geoffrey Noss, Gina Pulewitz, Jennifer Ragona, Ashley Schecher, Maria Vasquez-Wright and Heather Yaeger.  

The district is also pleased to have made several new administrative appointments last spring. Lorie Beard is Vice Principal of Long Beach Middle School, Amy Dirolf is Principal of West School, Sarah Kugelman is Assistant Principal of West School, Evelyn Daza is Coordinator of ENL and Student Internships, Patrick Kiley-Rendon is Director of Technology, Gina Reddock is Adult Learning Center Program Manager, Christopher Webel is Coordinator of Alternative Educational Programs, Elizabeth Walsh-Bulger is Vice Principal of Long Beach High School and Sharon Weiss is Assistant Principal of Lido School.