IB Essay Writers Get a Summer Start

Long Beach High School’s International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates spent time this summer working on their Extended Essays as part of their journeys in pursuing International Baccalaureate Diplomas. The district hosted three writing workshops that offered opportunities to focus on various phases of the development process with guidance from staff advisors.

The Extended Essay is a research paper that allows students to deeply explore a topic of their choosing in a written paper of approximately 4000 words. The workshops are designed to help the students develop and utilize organizational strategies that will allow them to complete the project. The high school held a morning session and two evening events in August in order to accommodate a variety of students’ schedules. One-on-one conversations with IB Extended Essay Coordinator Toni Weiss and IB Diploma Program Coordinator Jennifer Quinn offered guidance to the attendees.

Most students have already determined their topics of interest and are now in the research and composition phases of their essays. They are in the process of finalizing their essential questions, obtaining valid information sources and initiating outlines. The students will work with their assigned mentors as they move forward with their work.