LBHS Business Olympics Continues for Second Year

Long Beach High School held its second annual Business Olympics on March 12 as an opportunity to bring the Long Beach School-Business Partnership together with the school’s Business Department. Students enrolled in business classes presented creative, unique ideas for efficient utilization of local property. 

The students took on the challenge of developing new businesses or business concepts that revolve around the LB GREEN concept. Teams created marketing plans that included websites, social media and Google slides. At the Business Olympics, each team provided thorough presentations that covered their concept’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and locations. Local business owners and professionals participated as the judges. 

Jared Starman, Edward Vrona and Brooke Shapiro were named winners for their endeavor, “The Dockyard” – a  family-friendly restaurant and gift shop. As a “go green” establishment, the restaurant would only provide straws upon request, use biodegradable containers and drive Solar Power Vehicles for deliveries. They would start an annual Beach Clean Up Day with the intention of donating money to the City of Long Beach to pay for their Beach Maintenance Department and making the community a better place. 

Thomas Walsh, Brett Weiner, Jake Ignatow and Dylan Edelman presented the concept of “Ecommunity;” Tevfik Koseoglu, Aidan White, Jesse Thornton and Timothy Salsone introduced “Solar Power Light Posts;” Jacob Parker, Jananda Hamilton, Hayden Henry and Thomas Corso developed a plan for “Crossing Guards in Long Beach” and Arjun Gupta, Evan Michaels and Jeremiah Cochran pitched the venture, “Biofuel – The Way of the Future.”

Andrew Geller, Hunter Bloomer and Joseph Giammarese focused on “Clean Earth;” Nicole Codianni and Lauren Bulik proposed their plan, “Raising the Roof” and Jenna DeBellis, Jillian Lerner and Meilin Garfinkel presented “Go Green at School.” Gordon Gerstner, Stephan Casesa, Ainsley Keir and Daniel Barto strategized a “Refill a Bottle” business and Maya Savino, Marlene Kramer and Hannah Zelinger shared their idea for “Digital Beach Pass.” 

The Business Olympics was introduced last year as a way to enhance awareness of the factors that impact businesses and inspire students to think creatively about ways to potentially boost the local economy. Prior to the presentation portion of the event, the students and guest professionals spent time together during a networking dinner.